Sanctuary Works affixes photos of Emma’s paintings to 6.5” x 5” or (in a few cases) 5.5” x 5.5” off-white card stock, with envelopes and identifying labels. With the exception of the square cards, all finished cards and envelopes are enclosed in a protective cellophane sleeve. Duplication of the presented images is in 4” x 6” format (and a few 5” x 5” format for the square images in her collection), which may require judicious cropping to fit the required size for the greeting cards. Each card, with photo and label, is assembled by hand.


Disclaimer: Due to her long stay in Sanctuary and inability to be inspired by the outside world, Emma drew some of her inspiration from images she saw on the internet.  However, her creative spirit was, for the most part, informed by her inner life and vision and her imagination of flowers, birds and the natural environment.


Net proceeds from card sales are applied entirely toward the legal pursuit of Emma’s immigration case from abroad. Sanctuary Works, a registered New Mexico business, is authorized by Emma to represent her work.

Off-Line OrderinG

Offline Ordering is now available for card purchases. Click here for an order form and instructions. Cards are arranged on the form in alphabetical order by title. Questions? Please email the site administrator at:

Emma at work on a painting.

Emma at work on a painting.