Sanctuary Works represents the art work of our friend, Emma. Emma learned to paint while living in Sanctuary in a church basement. Emma’s charming paintings - often depicting flowers, birds, moonlit skies and landscapes - have been converted into popular greeting cards. Emma calls her work, “Paintings for Peace.”

Sanctuary Works celebrates not only the works created by Emma in Sanctuary, but also the process of Sanctuary itself, as an avenue for those without documentation to pursue legal status in the United States. In that sense, Sanctuary truly works!

Sanctuary Works affixes photos of Emma’s paintings to 6.5” x 5” or (in a few cases) 5.5” x 5.5” off-white or white card stock, with envelopes, enclosed in a cellophane protective sleeve. Duplication of the presented images is in 4” x 6” format (and a few 5” x 5” format), which may require judicious cropping to fit the required size for the greeting cards. Each card is hand assembled.

Proceeds from card sales with photos of Emma’s work are used toward legal, filing fees, and other expenses as she pursues her immigration case from abroad.

Sanctuary Works is a registered New Mexico business whose sole mission is to represent Emma’s work through card sales, and to support her process through the proceeds from such sales. Emma has given Sanctuary Works permission to represent her work.

Gifts: Gifts can be accepted by Sanctuary Works, although such gifts are not tax exempt. If interested in making a gift, please contact Sanctuary Works to receive a gift letter and instructions.

Sanctuary Works goes retail! Several samples of Emma’s cards are now available at our popular local bookstore Bookworks (4022 Rio Grande Blvd., NW). Thanks to local customers for visiting Book Works and thanking them for carrying Sanctuary Works’ (Emma’s) cards!

Questions or Concerns? Feel free to email the site administrator at info@SanctuaryWorks.org